American Language Academy delivers a long history with the most innovative and student-tailored methodologies. Following each student individually, ALA has the right experience to optimize each student’s development and improve their language skills according to their precise needs and time-frame. Transparent, authentic and proven, no other institution offers such a high level of client satisfaction.

The name American Language Academy represents a genuine commitment to individualized, high-quality and time-proven teaching methods. ALA’s unparalleled experience and conveyance of the American essence helps propel students to their highest linguistic potential and helps corporate clients reach the apex of professional competitiveness. It’s the “real deal”.


Contact Details

Calle Rodríguez San Pedro, 2
28015 Madrid
Metro: San Bernardo L2 y L4 | Quevedo L2 | Bilbao L1
Phone: (91) 444 55 11 - (91) 445 55 11
Email: efl@americanlanguage.es