Why us

Teachers say

  • Stacia Wood

    It was really great to come and work with people who had so much experience and who were able to provide me with the in-depth training that I really needed to prepare me for the classroom.

  • Paul Weaver

    My teaching has certainly become more focussed, more effective and more fun. The training in general was a lot of fun. The trainers were always positive and motivating. They were also available to answer any and all of my questions. Those related to English teaching but also those related to some of the more practical issues that arise living in a foreign country.

  • Benjamin Druttman

    “The best thing about the training for me was definitely the class observations. They were really fantastic and helped me a lot. I’ve learnt so much about myself - my strengths and weaknesses - and it’s really helped me to grow as a professional. I’m really glad I did it.”

  • Andrew Carter

    “Nowadays, I feel very confident whether I am walking into a classroom of beginners or a class of advanced students. Here at American Language I’ve gained the knowledge I need to be able to explain difficult concepts but I’ve also collected activites and resources to keep classes engaging and lively. ”


Why us?

American Language Group TEFL brings decades of dedication and experience to language education. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and complete service to both teachers and learners.

Professional development

American Language Group TEFL offers teachers that go through our TEFL certification course the opportunity to continue their professional development by joining our team of teachers within one of our centers located in the heart of Madrid.

We have had the amazing opportunity to train innumerous teachers who decided to take the first step towards becoming serious English teaching professionals.